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350-GROC Holds Workshop on Renewable Energy

The 350-Ghana Reducing our Carbon (G ROC) held a  three-day training workshop  in renewable energy for its members at Ampomaah Hotel. The  climate change movement aimed at building the capacities of 31 participants for a youth-led campaign from 2017 to 2020.

The program hosted two officials, namely the Team Leader of 350 Africa Landry Ninteretse and Sub Saharan Field Organizer of 350.org Prince Papa from Burundi and Kenya respectively. They engaged the participants in group discussions and presentations, reflections, re-analysis of campaign strategies and proposal, power analysis, etc. Landry Ninteretse admonished participants to be selfless in their pursuit as activists. The participants were trained and assigned various roles and responsibilities for a successful campaign.

Landry Ninteretse , Team Leader of 350 Africa

According to the National Coordinator 350-G ROC Ezekial Chibeze, Ghana is committed to international conventions/ treaties such as Paris Climate Agreement, Kyoto Protocol, among others, but plans to establish a coal plant contradicts the country’s position on renewable energy. The country’s level of the renewable energies is relatively low hence the campaign aims to achieve  a 10 percent increase in renewable energy by 2020.

350- G ROC is part of  350.org, which is an international climate change movement that aims to promote renewable energies in countries whilst fighting against unfriendly environment energies.


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