116 dams under construction in northern Ghana


116 dams under construction in northern Ghana – Hadzide

Following former President John Dramani Mahama’s assertion that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has failed to fulfill its campaign promises, including the construction of a dam in every village in the three northern regions, Deputy Minister of Information, Pius Hadzide has indicated that about 160 dams are currently under construction.

Addressing delegates of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Tatale in the Northern Region as part of his nationwide campaign tour to lead the party into the next presidential election, the former President questioned where the factories and dams the NPP had promised Ghanaians during the 2016 campaign were.

“You can do all the propaganda you like to win political power, when you come to government; the reality of the people’s life will expose you. Where are the factories? where are the dams? where is the $1 million per constituency? It is easier to make electoral promises than to fulfill them. Making promises is easy, fulfilling them is a problem. That is what NPP has taught us. It is easier to give political lectures on the economy than to manage the economy,” he said.

The Deputy Minister on Citi TV’s/FM’s News Analysis Programme, The Big Issue said out of the 570 dams promised, lands had been acquired for about 160.

“Out of the 570 dams we intend to build in the three regions of the North, we are actually at work on 116 dams. The dams are at different stages of completion. For the 116, lands have been acquired, between two and three acres of land. Contracts to a general contractor have also been awarded.”

We’re building 570 dams – Nana Addo 

In July 2018, the President indicated that government is constructing a total of five hundred and seventy dams (570), and fifteen (15) warehouses in the Upper East, Upper West, and Northern Regions.

The President had stated that the construction of this critical infrastructure, especially in the three regions of the north, is for the enhancement of agriculture and creating the conditions for all-year-round farming.If you want to learn how to protect the critical infrastructure just click here.  “It is long overdue, and that is why we have committed ourselves to the programme of 1-village-1-dam so that every part of the northern region of our country will have access to water and irrigation to be able to support farming all year round,” the President said.

“This year, we are constructing 570 dams in the three northern regions, of which the Builsa area is getting 20 – ten for Builsa North, ten for Builsa South. There are two in Sandema, two in Yaga, two in Chuchuliga, two in Sanyasi, and two in Kandema.”

By: Marian Ansah/citinewsroom.com/Ghana

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