5 Sad Stories That Shocked Obuasi Residents in 2021

Today climaxes the year 2021 and we are taking a look at some events that happened within the year. Many of the stories in Obuasi this year were good ones but there were at least 5 sad stories that shocked the people of Obuasi. Obuasitoday.com takes a look at these stories.

5. One Dead, Over 10 others injured at Brahabebome Accident

A trotro driver lost his life as other passengers sustained injuries when a mini urvan collided with the Abusco Royal school bus carrying passengers from church on Sunday afternoon at Brahabebome, a suburb of Obuasi.

According to Stephen Asiedu who was in the mini urvan with registration number GW 9327- 16, the driver tried to overtake a vehicle ahead of them, heading straight towards the bus. Though the bus driver tried to save the situation by trying to avoid a head-on collision, the driver side of the minibus crashed into the bus.

4. 16-Year-Old Student Drowns at Akaporiso

A 16-yeard- old student of St Cyril Anglican Junior high school, Sekinatu Mohammed, who lived with her parents at Akaporiso, a suburb of Obuasi East district of the Ashanti Region met her untimely death when she was sent by a school teacher to go and fill her gas cylinder for her.

The girl who was sent by the madam to assist her to fill her gas cylinder was returning back home to deliver the filled cylinder when the unfortunate incident happened. Upon reaching Merekwe river, due to the rain and the swampy nature of the place, she slipped and the cylinder fell into the river. In her attempt to retrieve the cylinder, she also fell into the river. Very sad incident.

3. A woman killed and left at the Estate railway.

The people of Estate, a surburb in Obuasi woke up to find the body of a dead woman believed to be in her 30s on the railway line. Residents believed she was killed by someone and brought to the railway to hide their tracks. Police are still investigating the incident and our checks indicate there have been some arrests in relation to the murder.

2. 31year Old Pregnant Lady Found Dead In Her Fiance’s Friend’s Room at Obuasi KTS

A 31-year-old pregnant woman, popularly known as Rahina was found dead at Kokoteasua, a suburb in Obuasi.

Eyewitnesses said the deceased who was over 5 months pregnant lived with her fiancee Desmond Nana Osei at Tarkwa but she was brought into his childhood friend’s house at Kokoteaua to stay with him. Richard left for work, only to receive a call that his fiancee is dead.

Still at Kokoteasua, 30 years old Stephen Gyekye Boadu, popularly known as Steve Crouch who was the Head of Sports at Obuasi based OFM 107.7, died mysteriously. He was found unconscious in his room in the morning though he showed no sign of illness the previous night before going to bed.

  1. The death of Sandra Asiedu

Top on our list of sad incidences that shocked Obuasi residents is the death of Police Constable Sandra Asiedu.

Sandra Asiedu was found dead at her residence at Damongo in the Savannah region on 2nd August 2021. She was found in a pool of blood with wounds believed to be knife stabs. The body was then deposited at West Gonja District Hospital, pending investigation. Her boyfriend was highly suspected and the Police staged a manhunt for him.

The family of Sandra Asiedu, who lives in Obuasi, went to Damongo to see the body of their daughter and bring her back to the city where she had lived for almost her entire life. The body was brought to Obuasi on 6th August, 2021. A one-week observation took place on the 12th August, 2021 at Kriki before setting a final date for her burial.

May the souls of all the departed in 2021 rest in peace.

What was your saddest story in 2021 in Obuasi? If it wasn’t included in this list, lets read it in the comments section below.

Sad Stories in 2021

What was your saddest story in 2021 in Obuasi?

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Grace pardon December 31, 2021 at 8:52 pm

That you young teacher who was found hunging himself dead at asonkori was really sad one for me in 2021


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