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AGA Environment Brief: Littering Awareness

Litter is in our streets, sidewalks, parking lots, roads and highways. It’s in your hands. Let’s do our part to keep Obuasi municipality clean.

Litter Facts
Littering is a ‘symptom’ of a particular attitude. There are generally three reasons people litter:

1. People tend to litter where litter already exists
2. People litter where they fell no sense of ownership
3. People litter because they believe someone else will clean it up

But there are a lot of reasons that they shouldn’t litter at all.

Litter Moves — it doesn’t stay where it falls. It gets trapped in fences, drains, and planted areas. It travels with wind,
water, vehicles, people and animals. It affects communities, animals, tourism and the environment.

Litter Attracts More Litter — once litter accumulates, it tends to invite more litter. It seems more acceptable to litter on a dirty street.

Litter is a Health Hazard — It’s not just that it looks awful. Cups full of rainwater make a perfect breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Rats, insects and bacteria all love litter. It clogs storm drains and causes serious flooding.

Litter Prevention

Never litter. It’s that simple. Littering is one activity that is completely under our personal control.

How can You help?


1. Carry your garbage until you find a litter bin / receptacle

2. Carry a litter bag in your car and never toss litter out a vehicle window

3. Set an example for others, especially children, by not littering

4. Participate in community clean up days


George O. Kwarteng
Manager – SHE

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