AGA’s Open Letter on the illegal mining situation at the Obuasi Mine

As one of the most significant investors in Ghana, we, AngloGold Ashanti Ghana, call on the Government  of Ghana to urgently resolve the situation at the Obuasi Gold Mine where illegal miners have been looting  significant quantities of high-grade, gold bearing material every day for almost three months. As they  pillage this precious resource, they are causing significant damage to critical infrastructure, which serves  both the mine and the surrounding communities.

At each stage since the original invasion of the mine by illegal miners, we have kept all authorities informed of developments, including of the damage being  caused to the mine, the Obuasi Community, and the long-term prospects for this important resource. And yet, there has been an inexplicable lack of action  by the authorities. Despite the fact that His Excellency the President had directed the return of the highly-regarded security agencies to the Obuasi mine,  law and order is yet to be restored at Obuasi. In fact, on 26 March, we understand the military received an instruction to pull back to guard only certain  limited parts of the infrastructure which is ineffective and does nothing to restore law and order in the areas currently occupied by illegal miners. To this  day, the illegal miners continue to operate with impunity and all the while this national treasure, which should be developed for the good of all Ghanaians,  is being looted for the benefit of only a few.

We are at a loss to understand how a clear and important Presidential directive has been blatantly ignored. This failure of action by the authorities is  compromising the viability of the Obuasi mine, the rights of foreign investors in Ghana and those of the community.

AngloGold Ashanti Ghana’s primary aim, subject to, among others, the outcome of an ongoing feasibility study, remains to turn the Obuasi Mine into  a long-life, modern, mining operation that will attract foreign investment, and provide high-quality direct and indirect employment, taxes and foreign  exchange revenue to the people of Ghana. However, the continued presence of illegal miners on the Obuasi Mine, and the apathy and inaction of the  authorities, is jeopardising this potential.

We note recent comments in the media by the Honourable Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. John Alexander Kobina Ackon, who has assured the good  people of Obuasi he will do all what he can in his capacity as the Regional Minister and Chairperson of the Regional Security Council to protect the  concessions of the Obuasi mine in order to prevent it from collapsing. We urgently call upon him to make good on that commitment without further delay.

It is crucial that the Government plays its role in resolving this fundamental threat to the viability of Obuasi, and its contribution to the Ghanaian economy.

AngloGold Ashanti Ghana

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Kwame Darko April 22, 2016 at 12:53 am

The people of Obuasi deserve better treatment than what we are seeing in the towns and communities. President Mahama, Interior Minister Bani, Regional Minister Ackon and MCE, stop the politics and do your mandated responsible to protect and defend the Constitution and Ghanaians. Thank you.

Edith April 22, 2016 at 10:23 am

I just don’t understand why it’s taking forever for the government to do something about this issue. Obuasi is for all (Ghana) not only the people of Obuasi. I remember when AGA delays in day the taxes and royalties its to pay to government, they will fly to Obuasi AGA to ask why and demand for it. The total taxes of AGA employees served a lot to our country Ghana, and the government is acting as if the country is ok without it .
Please Mr President, MCE and Mr. Ackon, please stop this politics and do something fast before we all get into bigger issues.
I even more surprised at Mr Ackon , you are part of Obuasi and sit and do nothing.
God help us all.

Edith April 22, 2016 at 10:26 am

I really do miss AGA, my office and the people as a whole. We are family.


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