The season 10 (SS10) of the most popular kids reality show TV3 TALENTED KIDS is about to roll.

The audition for Ashanti region saw over thousand people vying to be among the five Talented and lucky children who were selected to represent the second largest city in Ghana. (Kumasi)
It was the second and third time for most of the children who came to be auditioned, but it was B-NA’s first experience in such competition.

TEAM B-NA got to the premises at exactly 6:00am; all was set for Nyarkoah Boadu
Angaamwine B-NA to meet the judges to showcase her talent.

B-NA entered the room with lots of confidence and a beautiful smile.

Uncle Benedict (judge 1) started interviewing her but was shocked when B-NA told him She has recorded ten songs of which four (4) of them has been released. “ Your confidence alone is a talent and I love it” said Naana Hyford (judge 2).

Nyarkoah Boadu Angaamwine B-NA then performed three of her songs, SLAVE, BIRTHDAY and ENOUGH. Yes it was indeed enough for the judges and B-NA made it to the second stage of the audition.

TEAM B-NA, a strong team led by her father Mr. Dzan Boadu Asafoadjei set off the next morning at about 4am from Obuasi to Kumasi for B-NA to be finally auditioned.

After a long wait, B-NA was called to meet the judges for the final interrogation.
She went in this time to do Rap with a lot of punch lines.

In less than 1minutes, the judges told B-NA to wait downstairs for the final verdict.

TEAM B-NA came out from the watch room with joy on their faces.

The long awaited moment arrived;
The children and their trainers were called to hear the outcome of the process after physicking the children and advising their trainers,
It was time to mention the names of the five contestants who will represent Kumasi, B-NA’s name was mentioned as one of them.

The team was very happy to hear the news but was not surprise at all

TEAM B-NA set off again from Kumasi to Obuasi late in the evening to start preparing for the main event scheduled to take place in Accra.

The team will like to thank everybody for the support and will want you to continue praying for her to win these years TV3 Talented Kids Season 10.

The journey has just began.

Source : Nana o

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