Bidiem: Man drowns in an open galasmey pit



A young man suspected to be in his mid twenties has been found dead in an open galamsey pit in Bidiem, a surburb of Obuasi in the Ashanti Region.

According to a resident of the area who spoke to Shaft FM, they saw the lifeless body of the young man two days ago covered with flies and contacted the Assembly member for the area who only visited the place earlier today.

“A group of guys two days ago rushed to tell us there was someone lying lifeless by one of the open galamsey pits close to the area, so we rushed there and from my checks he’s not someone we can say is  from this area”, he explained.

Few months ago, a group of Chinese illegal miners with the help of some locals invaded parts of Bidiem which is very close to residential area with heavy mining equipments; and upon agitations from community members and some local radio stations, the illegal miners abandoned the site without reclaiming the land.

The lifeless body of the young man is yet to be identified by the Police.

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