‘Bishop’ Gyatabuom Gyata releases new hit singles ‘Rap Kun fuu’ and Hallelujah

Story By: Joseph Banzie



The vibrant radio Presenter cum Afro pop Singer Asare Bediako Banahene Albert a.k.a Bishop Gyatabuom Gyata; who swept Afro pop lovers off their feet with his breakthrough singles ‘Zaminannama Tim Za’ and ‘Pitsorlor’ is out again with new hit singles, ‘Rap kun fuu’ and ‘Hallelujah’ which were released on Monday.

He confirmed to this reporter the massive and positive feedback he had got after the two tracks were uploaded Online to showbizuniverse.com.

The former Entertainment show host with Obuasi based O Fm 107.7, who has now bowed out from the studio microphone to the stage microphone gave reasons why he choose gospel instead of his normal danceable Afro pops.

He said, ‘’Halellujah’’ because when I look back at how I started and how I’m building up systematically, I felt I have to acknowledge God for his grace and guidance. And ‘’Rap kun fuu’’ is to showcase my ability in rapping. I have done some locals and this is to show am talented and versatile’’

Answering to why he keeps on doing singles and not waiting to do an Album, he had this to say; he made it known that “it’s good for every musician to come out with an album but these singles will be part of my album which will be out any moment from now”, he stated.

Bishop Gyatabuom quickly added that, his leaving Obuasi doesn’t have anything negative but because Accra has a much bigger market base and getting his tracks for promotion on TV and radio stations will be much easier.

He added, “Well, you know I did two of my hit tracks ‘African Choo’ in Accra and did ‘Zaminnnama Tim Za’ in Obuasi.

The ‘’ZAMINAMA TIM ZA’’ hit maker did not hesitate to bemoan his difficulty in getting a Producer to help cushion his efforts financially.

‘’ For now I’m sponsoring every bit of my work and now looking out to a Producer who will understand me and support me”, he explained

The sensational singer admonished up and coming artistes to fight hard, be determined and never lose hope.


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