Boxing: Ayittey Powers accuses Bukom Banku of homosexuality

Bukom Banku has been accused by Ayittey Powers for practising an unnatural sexual act after the former assaulted a hairdresser.

Banku was arrested and arraigned before court for assaulting a hairdresser, who refused to kiss him last week.

According to Ayittey Powers, Bukom Banku, who wanted him to plea on his behalf, after assaulting the hairdresser, but refused once wanted to lure him into homosexuality.

‘Everybody knows that Bukom Banku is a mad person. I once bailed him from Police custody, but he refused to pay the money involved and yet he had the guts to call me to accompany him to apologise to the hairdresser he assaulted.

‘He is a gay, he told me that I am nice, he loves me so I should get involved in homosexual act with him. I will reveal all his secrets in due time,’ he told Happy FM.

Responding to the accusation, Banku said he said he was cracking jokes with Powers by expressing his intention to kiss him and he didn’t mean it.

‘I told Powers that because I have beaten him twice in the ring, he is my wife, so he should come for me to kiss him, but Powers took it personally and started insulting me and my mum.

‘I was joking about it when I told Ayittey Powers, I loved him,’ Banku told Happy FM.

Bukom Banku defeated Ayittey Powers twice in the ring- first in Accra and the second happened last year in Kumasi.

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