Bureau of Public Safety demands full reports of disasters in the country

Bureau of Public Safety demands full reports of disasters in the country

The Bureau of Public Safety is advocating for the release of all investigative reports on public disasters to enable authorities to guard against their future occurrence.

The bureau made a section of ceiling at the Accra mall’s collapsed on Thursday which left three people injured.

In 2012 also, the Achimota Branch of Melcom Ghana collapsed and led to the loss of lives and properties.

Investigative reports on disasters are rarely made public neither are members of the public told about future prevention plans.

But speaking on Citi TV’s major newsroom bulletin, Citi Newsroom, research and advocacy director at the Bureau, Etornam Korda said several attempts to get hold of such reports in the past have proven extremely difficult.

“One of the basic standards of public safety, when such incidents occur, is that we have a very good investigation. International standards indicate that such reports are made public because Ghanaians are stakeholders.

But in Ghana, all investigation reports are being shielded. It is a concern. We need to make such reports public so that it becomes a standard for other public buildings.”

GNFS urges Accra Mall managers to ensure routine maintenance

The Ghana National Fire Service has asked managers of the Accra Shopping Mall to conduct routine maintenance works on the facility.

According to them, the safety assessment of the whole facility must be done immediately to prevent future occurrences of Thursday’s minor accident.

Speaking to Citi News, Accra Regional Commander of the Ghana National Fire Service, ACFO Ebenezer Simpson, said his outfit noticed that the portion of the ceiling that caved in was weak.

“Fire service we do our routine inspection as far as fire safety is concerned, and we wish to advise management on maintenance culture. We don’t have to wait for something of this nature to happen. We have to cultivate maintenance culture so that some of the things don’t happen,” he said.

Part of Accra Mall ceiling collapses, at least two injured

There was panic at the Accra Mall on Thursday when parts of the ceiling of the shop, caved in and injured at least two people.

An eyewitness told Citi News that there were two people in the area when the ceiling collapsed.

The retail centre was evacuated for authorities to assess the extent of the damage.

By: Sixtus Dong Ullo & Nii Larte Lartey/citinewsroom.com/Ghana

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