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History: October 18, 1895, Adansi Sign on for British Protection

The chief of Adansi Kobina Obeng in 1873 had sought to be independent of Ashanti by virtue of his geographic position...

History of the Catholic Diocese of Obuasi

The church by its nature and origin is intrinsically Missionary (cf. Ad Gentes, 2) as an instrument and means of salvation....

Adansiman History: The Story of Adansi Akrokerri Pt 1.

Adanse is well known in Akan Cosmogony as the place God (Odomankoma) traditionally started creation of the world, hence the expression:...

Adansiman History: The Story of Adansi Dompoase

The ancestors of the ruling Asene clan of Adansi-Dompoase originated from Adansemanso during the reign of Awurade Basa who ruled the whole Adanse state with the mystical Afuna Kwao, the insignia of authority.

The Beginning of Modern Mining in Adanse

The pioneer of Ghana’s modern mining industry was an educated Ghanaian from Cape Coast named Thomas Hughes. A trader and civic...

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