Comland Ghana to build first warehouse at Appolonia Business Park


Comland Ghana to build first warehouse at Appolonia Business Park

The partnership between Construction Specialist Comland Ghana Limited, and Appolonia City will birth a turnkey warehouse at Appolonia Business Park, the light industrial zone at Apolonia City, Greater Accra’s new city development. Know how to find a cooler storage facilities if manage a warehouse.

The first warehousing facility after you browse around this website  will target clients looking for a space in the business park. The space will be opened to both local and international companies.

The CEO of Comland, Darren Spencer, stated that the company’s investment in Appolonia city business park is based on industry trends.

“This partnership is a great step towards what we believe will change the narrative for commercial and industrial projects in Ghana. We believe Appolonia City’s Business Park will be Ghana’s next big industrial hub.”

Appolonia Business Park covering 200-acre land,  is capable of accommodating logistics and warehousing, food and beverage, agro-processing, building materials, shared services and data centres, garments and textiles, and plastics and chemicals among other industries.

An agreement was signed between the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and Appolonia City to develop an area within the large-scale urban development, designated for use by some of Ghana’s leading manufacturing and industrial companies somewhere earlier this year.

Local and International companies interested have already made purchases.

About Comland Ghana Limited

Comland Ghana Limited is an industrial construction company incorporated in Ghana. Comland was born out of nearly 20 years of construction and management of major projects in multiple industries.

Specializing in the construction of warehousing and industrial space for local and international manufacturing and logistics companies, Comland focuses on the design, development, and implementation of all forms of building solutions with seasoned expertise, coupled with best managerial practices and strategic partnerships with major firms across Africa.

Its innovative and adaptable approach guarantee tailored solutions for all corporate and private requirements.

About Appolonia City 

Appolonia City is a 2,325-acre (941-hectare) mixed-use and mixed-income urban development just 20km from the centre of Accra.

The project includes a variety of social infrastructure underpinned by world-class construction and estate management services.

Residential sales with a range of financing options are available by purchasing a plot to build your own house in Nova Ridge or an existing home at the Oxford development.

Appolonia Business Park offers 70 acres (30 hectares) of modern commercial areas. The park is designed to accommodate a range of uses including manufacturing, processing, storage, logistics and service companies.

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