De-criminalise the practice of gay and lesbianism in Ghana, Government urged.

The President of Youth Drive International, Mr. Patrick Arthur has called on the government of Ghana, His Excellency John Evans Atta Mills to as a matter of urgency begin procedures to clearly de-criminalise the practice of gay and lesbianism in Ghana. Mr. Arthur argued that, gays and lesbians have equal rights in the society just like any other citizen in Ghana, and the constant infringement on their human rights with regards to their sexual orientation, is a violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, for which Ghana is part of.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Ghana face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Male same-sex sexual acts are illegal in Ghana, although it is uncertain whether female same-sex sexual activity is legal, under chapter six (6) of the Ghana criminal code, 1960, as amended by The Criminal Code (Amendment) Act, 2003.

Mr. Arthur made the call at a workshop organized by Youth Drive International, a non-governmental organisation based in Ghana, to educate the youth about socio-cultural activities in our communities. He said, section 104 of the criminal code of Ghana, makes it a criminal offence to be LGBT in our societies and this makes it difficult for LGBT’s to openly explore their sexual orientation. He said discussions, religious, political, and traditional leaders, as well as media pundits have condemned homosexuality as a threat to national security, as pathological, as un-African, and/or as ungodly, but Instead of coming out with practical programs and activities to help deal with the issues associated with human sexuality – including homosexuality and bisexuality – reports are flying virtually every day on front pages of newspapers, promoting fear and hatred against homosexuality. This he said, it must stop with immediate effect. LGBT’s are part of our communities and we must show them love and accept them wholeheartedly, just like any other individual living in Ghana.

Mr. Arthur commended the Gay and Lesbian Association of Ghana (GALAG) for their constant fight against LGBT’s sexual abuses in Ghana.

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