By Martin Osei Tutu

Nana Owusu Afriyie, the chief of Panyinase in the Bosomtwe district of Ashanti region, has commissioned a Junior High School block for his community with an office.

 He said, Pranyinase citizens for many years has lacked a JHS block and always travelled from the community to Jachie, the next town to access the continuation of their basic education after primary six.

Nana Owusu Afriyie, when commissioning a new JHS block at Pranyinase, said, the development of a nation does not rest on government chest alone but a share responsibility of individuals in the country, be whoever can contribute his quota to the development and what we see is an example of it as a chief.

According to the chief, sometimes ago, the school headmistress  paid him a visit and put before him if, he, the chief can provide them with a school block to accommodate the Junior High School graduates since the student traveled  a long way from their  town to Jachie which was not helping at all.

I therefore assured them to put up the building so that citizens will not travelled far to access their basic education.

Recounting on his challenges during the beginning of the construction of the school, many of the town folks he said, kicked against the development and paraded it with all sorts of attacks but could not demotivated my move.

Nana Owusu Afriyi,Pranyinase chief indicated that, he was not destructed by the critics because, when the school started, it started with few pupils and as at now, it population is uncountable and based on that I was motivated to complete the school for my people to have access to quality education.

The community did not help me when I was constructing the edifice been commissioned but what is deserved for a chief who rule his people to do, I does it’ ’the chief hinted.

I could not do this with my might or strength, but by the divine intervention of God who supported me to complete the building of the JHS block because, I was determined, Nana Owusu Afriyie, stated.

In his address, he promised to provide them with a kindergarten block to start early child education adding that, a school without early child education do collapsed and will ensure that whatever will help to promote education in his community will be provided.

He appealed to other chiefs to emulate the culture of giving back to the society since the government alone can’t provide the needs of Ghanaians but should rather be all hands on desk.

The chief entreated the people of Ghana to develop the spirit of communal labor as it sometimes helps in greater development.

Nana Owusu Afriyie thanked the community especially, the headmistress who has been dutiful at all times and ensuring that her children access quality education.

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