“Do Not Focus Only On The Girl Child At The Expense Of The Boy Child” – Elder Desmond Addison

Desmond Addison, the Coordinator for the Schools Outreach Ministry of the Church of Pentecost has advised that society should not focus on empowering only the girl child at the expense of the boy child.

Speaking at a guidance seminar organized by the Schools Outreach Ministry of the Church of Pentecost, Obuasi Area for all Boys of the AngloGold Ashanti (AGA) School,  Mr. Addison who is also an Elder of the Church said in the contemporary world, society has disregarded the plight of boy-child. The boy child is then faced with tremendous challenges which unless properly guarded, the society is losing him.

He added that the boy child is fast becoming invisible because society assumes that they are invincible. So, they are taught to mask their pains, as their tears must not be seen, because showing their pains is a sign of weakness. They are trained to be tough: “Boys don’t cry!”, so they end up bottling their sentiments. Various discourse on the rights of the girl-child has been at the forefront across the world.  However, with the tremendous empowerment of the girl-child, the boy-child is gradually being relegated.

” All children are future leaders of tomorrow and the first aim of every family and society should be to raise healthy and productive individuals who are physically, psychologically, socially and mentally well developed irrespective of gender. Otherwise, the girl-child will be developed to meet an underdeveloped boy-child who will eventually turn out to be an irresponsible man and father. This will weaken the foundation of humanity in the near future”

Speaking under the theme, “Transitioning from adolescent to responsible adulthood,” in observing the World Day of The Boy Child,  Mr. Desmond Addison called upon the participants to accept their natural identity boldly and proudly as males and boys and not females. He premised this admonition against the recent wave of the LGBTQ+ agenda. He posited that God made them males from birth, and He did so in His own wisdom and foreknowledge for a purpose. He explained that, by virtue of their identity as males, they are future leaders, visioners and providers in their families and the society by extension.

He emphasized that one cannot remain a successful adult in the workplace and in society with only knowledge and skills. A good character is very essential to becoming a responsible adult, and this can be best developed during the period of childhood and adolescence.  He, therefore, stressed that the childhood and adolescence of the boy child must be given critical attention and well maximized because a well-trained boy child today is a well-groomed gentleman in tomorrow’s society.

Emmanuel Baidoo, Senior Manager Sustainability Department AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi Mine mentioned character, Knowledge and Skills as three virtues among others that the boy child needs to transit effectively and smoothly into a responsible adult. 

Over 600 students and 18 staff members from the Upper Primary and Junior High School of AnglogoldAshanti schools were present.

Boys empowerment tracts titled, The Ultimate Goal, by the One Hope project, were distributed to some participants for further guidance.


Sampson Manu


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