By Gloria Agyeman Prempeh, Effiduasi-Asokore

The chief of Effiduasi in the Ashanti region, Nana Adu Ameyaw, has said, the reason why Ghana and for that matter African cannot  grow is as a result of foreign religion.

This, he said, has crippled the development of Ghana and Africa as a continent and that it is time we focused more on the innovative ideas of our fourfathers which has been kept indoors.

To him, Ghana has many potential ideas from it’s citizens and that it would be of good interest, if, we consider by tapping these ideas from within and promote it as our own.
According to Nana Ameyaw, countries like Japan started by building a car at a point they believe they won’t reached anywhere, but today, the country Japan is one of the best cars makers in the world all because of modernisation of what their fourfather’s started.

The chief said this in an interview with newsmen and women at his palace when journalists wanted to know what has really retarded the development of African countries.

Nana Adu Ameyaw was of the view that, Ghana has talented people who have fantastic ideas that can grow the country in terms of creating job opportunities to the youth and the upcoming young generation but we do not care.

Citing an instance, the chief of Effiduase said, most of the subjects we learn in our schools are not benefitting the country but we always talk of unemployment, how can we teach foreign inventions and expect our youth to get jobs to do they complete their education.

Giving an explanation to how Europe, America, UAE and other countries and continents have grown faster compelling us to seek financial assistance from them, he explained that they believe in modernisation of anything that has been initiated by any person from their country of birth but unlike Ghana, selfish interest has taking a sharp place that has bedeviled us as a nation.

He challenged that if we start by believing in ourselves, under no way will we depend on foreigners for our country to grow and therefore its very important to promote local initiatives.

Nana Adu Ameyaw, revealed that Christianity has also contributed to the downfall of Ghana, in the sense that at the time one must  go and work for his or her living, they will be seen going to church to promote their spiritual growth forgetting that after creation, everyone knew who God was and how to call him and not what the ‘whites’ came to brainwashed us to follow.

He urged the media to promote made in Ghana products and halt the attitude of promoting foreign made materials.

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