Galamsey causing increase in foodstuffs prices – J.B. Danquah

A former Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) Lt. Gen. J.B. Danquah, is worried over the increasing spate of illegal mining activities in the Eastern Region.

He disclosed that the situation has impacted negatively on food cultivation resulting in the astronomical price increase of foodstuffs in the region.

“We can no longer buy food stuffs…..plantain is very expensive. I will urge you to send your reporters there and you will understand exactly what I am doing”, he told Lantam Papanko on the Ultimate Breakfast Show.

Lt. Gen. J.B. Danquah who has been an advocate against the activities of these mining activities, is worried about the indifferent attitude of appropriate state institutions including the Environmental Protection (EPA) to clamp down on galamsey activities that stares them in the face.

He said Chinese expatriates have taken undue advantage of the unemployed youth of the area, to scout for lands which they excavate and destroy and in the process pollute water bodies.

The former security chief questioned why persons arrested in connection with illegal mining activities are easily left off the hook and blame the upsurge of the activities to the lukewarm attitude of state actors especially some politicians.

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