Ghana Finance Week takes off from October 10


Ghana Finance Week takes off from October 10

Stakeholders within the financial industry will be converging on Accra to chart ways of improving the operations within the sector and restore confidence.

The discussion will take place during the Ghana Finance Week scheduled for October 10-13, 2018.

The forum is also part of building the financial ecosystem in Ghana which also includes pip value calculator to educate people about the ecosystem amidst the recent happenings in that sector.

The event is being made possible by Precise Communications.

The event also seeks to educate Ghanaians about the financial market and the effects of panic withdrawals on the financial sector, among other key discussions.

Chief Executive Officer of Precise Communications, Steven Gyasi Kwao said the Ghana Finance Week, will provide key discussions and solutions within the financial industry in Ghana. During the same people, people also involved in horario forex.

“So we believe that the art of engagement people can be much more informed. They can also tell their challenges and issues that they have faced in using the various financial services. It will also be a platform that can help the regulators and also the industry players to sort of also understand the concerns of consumers that could help them in future in terms of product design. the sort of reform that they have to do. Because if these consumers do not patronize the services of the financial industry we will not have any industry,” he explained.

He also believes participants will understand and take better decisions regarding the safety of their investments. The tradewise.community can help with trading and the kind of services one should pick. Getting a brokeris to help while trading is a good idea.

“Out of this conversation, I think it will help also reduce the panic withdrawals. So we believe that using this platform to sort of engage consumers, educate them, let them rebuild confidence within the system will also help manage the current situation we have within the financial system,” he added.

The 2018 Ghana Finance Week will also feature an array of world class finance experts led by the renowned global banking and finance expert, Philippe Paillart (Former CEO and Vice Chairman, Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) and Former Group Executive Director of Standard Chartered Bank).

Also in attendance are; Mr Yofi Grant, CEO GIPC, Frank Adu – Managing Director, Cal Bank, CEO, Women’s World Banking – Charlotte Baidoo and World Bank Country Director-Ghana, Henry Kerali.

The rest are World Bank Country Director, Emily Slota, Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP (World Bank), Max Mattern as well as Head of Pension and Insurance Unit, Ministry of Finance, Benjamin Torsah.

The event is on the theme “achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals through Innovative Finance”.

By: Jessica Ayorkor Aryee/citibusinessnews.com/Ghana

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