Ghana Prisons Service Council unveils 2015/2016 Annual Report on Project Efiase.



Project Efiase is an initiative of the Prisons Service Council to create awareness about prisons conditions and raise funds from corporate Ghana, institutions and individuals to improve the conditions of prisons and transform them into reformation centers.EFIASE

The Chairman for the Ghana Prisons Council, Rev Stephen Y. Wengam few months ago promised to make public every single donation be it in kind or cash; and to seal that assurance, the Council has released the soft and hard copies of the Annual Financial Report of the intervention.

The 233 page document contains Donations Received, Assets and Expenditure and independently audited  by Linkgates Consult.

The financial results for the period ended at 31st March, 2016 and summed the audited account as follows;

Income for the Period- GHS 252,264.70.

Expenditure- GHS 115,088.23.

Surplus Carried Forward- GHS 137,176.47.

The soft copy of the report can be downloaded on the Project Efiase website.


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