Inculcate Social Media Training Into ICT Curricular- Charles Wundengba



The Online Administrator for Obuasitoday.com, Mr. Charles Santong Wundengba has called on the government to put in social media training as a subject in the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) subject, this will go a long way to make students and pupils enlightened in the technology world

According to the social media expert, young social media users especially Facebook are direct victims to rituals who have taken over Facebook to lure unsuspecting young ones ,some of them who are naïve to the ethics of the social media platform.

“These ritualists, wouldn’t get someone like you who is well vexed in social media pros and cons but will lure young JHS and SHS students who are curious to know what these people have for them”, he stated.

Mr. Charles Wundengba added that, curriculum developers should adjust the current ICT syllables to suite the current student body that are technologically curious.

“We have ICT teachers taking their students through Microsoft Office 2003 when others are using Microsoft Office 2015,its high time we teach our children current trending in ICT that will broaden their horizon on internet usage”, he stressed.

According to him, the Information Ministry should do its best to regulate the social media platforms so as to take off such unscrupulous people who pose as ritualists on the various social media platforms.

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