How to Move from a “Knowledge Bank” to an Investor

“Knowledge is power”…I used to believe the interface of this quote as one of the most compelling sayings to thread by if one desires power. After several years of growth revolution I discovered that this statement is so wrong and deceitful as a big lie.
Knowledge isn’t power. Exercised Knowledge rather is. Knowledge is just a Potential Power. This is what billions of People on earth misconcept for the significance of “education”. Intellects keep chasing after Knowledge as a model for storing up their  “knowledge bank” instead of putting it to the test as “Knowledge Investors”.

The meaning of the word ‘education’ was derived from the latin word ‘educo’, meaning to educe, to draw out, to develop from within!

An educated man isn’t a person who has an extensive mind pool about general knowledge. An educated man is not someone who can work out brain racking mathematics tests, spits it out on a mischievous question sheet at the latter, thinking he’s up hill as world’s most intelligent dude.

An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may undoubtedly dare to do to acquire anything he desires, or its equivalent.

The function of general and specialized knowledge to us is to inspire our thoughts into creating an action. Back in high school I studied Economics as a theoretical subject that got me subjected to filling my knowledge bank account. The practical objectives to sprint an action was rare, it had no action plan.

For three and a half years i was tutored how business economists draw out their scale of preference, short list them into a list of taste priorities. On consistent occassions teacher prompted that students that were interested in pursuing a career in economics had to render the most rapt attention to studies. Not knowing the other ‘not-interesteds’ were unknowingly belittled.

Teacher never taught me how to invest those lessons into my Personal life development plan. I never acquired the motivation to scale my preferencial long and short term goals, prioritize them then power up my marginal utility to execute them.

Seems i’m speaking the language of economics. However my principal concern is to change that speaking session in class into a daily development workshop masterclass.

When you invest your knowledge, it grants you the experience to taste failure and success in anything you crave after. Experiencing failure grows you to press up. Failure isn’t fatal. An unutilized failure rather is. Investing the failure experience as a charger to move forward proves you are growing. Anyone who hasn’t experienced failure in a pursuit yet isn’t growing. My mentor John Maxwell says “Growth is disruption and change, you must expect to fail. Overcome it by failing forward”.
In success, one must also learn how to manage it so it doesn’t manage them into becoming lazy and adamant.

The only irrefutable way to move from a “knowledge bank account” into a knowledge Investor is to put your knowledge to the test. Start with something. Set up the business.start writing. Gather courage to disturb your comfort zone. Always do something new. The only self-infection disease that attacks the human will to act is procastination. Don’t play the victim.
1. Put your Knowledge into an action plan
2. Keep doing it.
3. Don’t stop doing it!…. nothing more, nothing less.


Writer: Prince Newman

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