Kumasi pastor proposes change of Asantehene’s title

Founder and Leader of Open Arms Ministries/Jesus Chapel in Kumasi, Apostle Kofi Nkansah-Sarkodie has called on Asanteman Council to consider changing the title Otumfuo bestowed on its King.

The Minister of the Gospel said Otumfuo which translates as Almighty God is not appropriate to be used by the Asante King.

According to the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, the use of the title ‘Otumfuo’ by any person is in conflict with divinity because no mortal can pass for Almighty God and that only God, the creator of Heaven and Earth is Almighty.

Apostle Nkansah-Sarkodie, alias Brother St. Sark who claims to be a representative of Jesus in Ghana has, however, suggested the title Ohenpon for occupants of the Golden Stool.

The church leader also said the title of Odeneho {literally meaning Independent} should not be adopted by chiefs because no chief or traditional ruler or any individual person is free and independent of the providence of God Almighty and that is it improper to claim independence by title.
Apostle Nkansah-Sarkodie explained that the use of such title as the King of Kings is blasphemous since only Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the son of the Living God qualifies for such a title.

The Kumasi based pastor and radio evangelist said any person who tries to assume such titles would face the wrath of God. “Col. Gadafi of Libya tried it and met his untimely and disgraceful death”, he explained.

He cautioned all traditional priests {Nsumankwahene} and spiritualists not to boast of any spiritual powers because they had none.

He described this category of people as cheats who eke out livelihood from deceit of unassuming members of the public. According to him, they have been deprived of their purported powers by Jesus.

He said “the Bible is the ultimate source of wisdom, knowledge and power” he said and pointed out that no person can claim to be powerful or has the source of power. He said there are no such materials as secret books with powers.

Source: Kofi Banzana

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