Meet Forbes’ 2018 African of the year, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame

Forbes African has revealed it’s 2018 African of the year and its none other than Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame.

In the December/January issue of the Forbes Africa magazine shared on December 4, 2018, he is described as a visionary.

Apart from gracing this cover, he is also the winner of the African of the Year Award by the All Africa Business Leaders Award.


The award, which celebrates and honours leaders for contributing to the African economy, was presented on November 29,2018.

Forbes’ choice has been met with mixed reactions.

Here are some of them:

About Rwanda’s president

Paul Kagame was born in Tambwe, Ruanda-Urundi in Rwanda on 23 October 1957. At the time of his birth, the country was a United Nations Trust Territory ruled by Belgium. He became a refugee when his family fled to Uganda which is where he spent most of his childhood.

Kagame started his journey from refugee to president during the Ugandan Bush War. In 1981, he became a founding soldier for a rebel group called the ‘National Resistance Army’. In 1986, they succeeded in overthrowing Uganda’s government and forming a new one.

He became the head of military intelligence and took command of the ‘Rwandan Patriotic Front’ in October of 1990. He defeated the Rwandan army extremists and created a new government in 1994.

Kagame became President of Rwanda in April 2000. Following the adoption of the new constitution in May 2003,  the first elections were held and he was officially elected president on September 12, 2003, after winning Rwanda’s first multiparty election. He was reelected in 2010. He was re-elected for a third term with 98.79% of the votes on August 18, 2017.

The Uganda president is married to Jeannette Nyiramongi. They tied the knot on June 10, 1989, in Uganda. They have four children, two boys and two girls.

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