No Death Casualties in Accident At Bogobiri, Stadium Junction [Photos]

The Obuasi Municipal fire tender loaded with water overturned on its side following an accident on the Kamaradeen Road at the Len Clay Stadium Junction on Sunday, June 5th, 2022.

According to eyewitnesses, the accident happened after the Fire Tender was heading to Kyekyewere to put off a fire. Whiles speeding to attend to the emergency at Kyekyewere, when they got to the Stadium junction, they realized it has been blocked due to ongoing road works. Due to the speed of the vehicle, the driver had to veer off the main road and ended up on the stores of the Len Clay stadium junction at Bogobiri.

All eight persons aboard the Fire Tender were rescued by eyewitnesses and volunteers, as some of the fire officers sustained severe injuries. The incident led to the destruction of the fire tender and parts of a Spare Parts shop by the roadside.

‘‘I was in front of my shop when I saw the Fire Tender speeding from the Mangoase stretch but due to the road blockage ahead, the vehicle veered off the main road ending up on the Kamaradeen Road. Those of us around run to the back of our shops for safety when we saw it,’’ an eyewitness revealed.

‘‘Those of us around with the help of some passerby brought the fire officers from the vehicle. They were eight officers including the driver. None of them died but sustained various degrees of injuries, especially the driver because he was stacked under the steering wheel. It took us almost 20 minutes to bring him out,’’ he added.

The eight fire officers were sent to both the Obuasi Government Hospital and AGA Health Foundation for medical treatment.

The Obuasi Municipal Fire Tender has not been used since the start of this year as it was sent for maintenance over the period. This is its first assignment this year and has now been damaged again.

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