Northern Politicians: The Cause of Our Woes

Forgive me if this short write up of mine to commemorate the 59th birthday of Ghana is a bit harsh. I write this piece with all the pain I can gather.

Yes, all the problems we’ve been seeing today in the Northern Region, Upper West Region and Upper East Regions are caused by our sons and daughters who we send down to Accra to serve with the President and the Speaker of Parliament.

Those serving as Municipal and District Chief Executives also have a role to play when the topic of our underdevelopment comes up.

We have been taken for granted for too long a time, this the time to arise and ask for what truly deems us! This wasn’t the way Dr. Nkrumah planned for us at all…what crime have we committed to deserve this dejection from no one but our own who are to serve in the government and come back and help.

Young pupils of Kperisi Basic school in my own Upper West Region had no tables and chairs, they resorted to lying on the cold cement to write and listen to the Teacher! My brothers and sisters, is this not wickedness?

One of our own, Dr. Bawumiah of the New Patriotic Party visits them and promise 500 dual desks, in a twinkle of an eye the Regional Minister, Alhaji Amidu Sulemana and his people who we thought were dead until Dr. Bawumiah visited rushed to give the school some desks!

Dr. Mahamadu Bawumiah thought he was about doing us a favour, the Regional Minister and his people thought they needed a standing ovation for sending the desks after the national uproar…jokers of our time, you want us to applaud you for what you are paid to do.

The Upper East, Uper West and Northern Region are still suffering from the acute water shortage. School going kids have to wake up at 3am to go water hunting…and what the Minister in charge could tell us was to pray for rains.

Libya was able to produce water even in their desert, what do our politicians take us for?

Somewhere last year, some Senior High Schools in the three regions abundant with food were asked to go home because their feeding grants were not coming in. All the tubers, cereals and fibers come from the three Northern regions so what happened.

Our sons and daughters who served in the NPP did us no good, with no proper Agricultural policies and employment the NDC comes and it’s doing same.

Mr. Haruna Iddrisu is the Employment and Labour, but we still have our sisters who are dreaming day and night to come down South and do menial jobs like Kayayei, chop bar attendants and other dehumanizing jobs!

If this article was on a paper, you would’ve seen my tears on it! Some of these young girls are later converted to sex machines, drug addicts and what not. The only crime they have committed is to have an uncle as Employment Minister, who can’t create avenues to absorb unemployed youths

This employment thing didn’t start now, Dr. Nkrumah did his best to make the three regions a heaven on earth but thanks to our NDC and NPP brothers, we are now scared of staying here.

The people of the Upper East were blessed with a Tomato processing factory in the Dr. Nkrumah government, it boosted Tomato farming, engaged a lot of locals, directly and indirectly. The once boisterous Tomato factory is now a white elephant, rendering thousands of people jobless, Tomatoes go bad always because we can’t preserve any more.

Our only crime is, our own brothers and sisters who are in government takes us for fools, hey only visit us when they need our thumbs.

My brothers and sisters reading me, please take off the partisan spectacles for once and lets stand up to them and say loudly ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! For once let’s show the Northern politician, our votes are not for sale.

They never dream of making the North, a heaven on earth as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah did for us but only work for their selfish interests!

Why should all the weird news be coming from the three Northern regions? Child Marriages, Poor school buildings, poor roads, acute water shortages you name it.

My heart bleeds when I see some strong and able young men fighting and killing themselves for these heartless politicians!

We are naturally strong for work not to fight ourselves for a politician who will be stacked here in Accra and only visit when its voting period.

The good people of Upper East are BEGGING Mr. Albert Abongo, the new Regional Minister to repair their roads! Why should we beg them to do what they are paid to do.


Long live Northern Region…long live Upper East Region…long live Upper West Region…long live Ghana


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