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Obuasi East PPP Launches Women’s wing

The Progressive Peoples Party in the Obuasi East constituency has launched its Women’s wing at the AGA club house in Obuasi on Friday. The event which witnessed the presence of the two parliamentary aspirants of the party in the Obuasi Municipality also pulled party faithfuls from the breadth and width of the Municipality. Executive of the new group were also sworn into office.

Over the past months, the PPP in the Obuasi Municipality has launched a massive campaign to canvass for votes in the electorate. The Parliamentary candidate for the party in the Obuasi East constituency, Frank Danyasah is keen on winning the seat. The NPP has won all the Parliamentary elections in the Golden City since 1992.

Sarah Scholastica Aheto, the Women’s Commissioner of the newly formed group said the group will foster the Danyasah agenda.

“Our main aim is to champion the Danyasah agenda by preaching the good plans of Danyasah to other women”, she said.

Scholastica Aheto
Scholastica Aheto – Women’s Commisioner

“We want to also empower the women to be able to support their husbands at home by providing them with job opportunities and to also train them to create jobs.

Mr. Aboagye Danyasah, the Parliamentary candidate of the party for the Obuasi East Constituency said the significance of women in deciding the outcome of an election cannot be overemphasized.

“We know women play a pivotal role in elections, that’s why we are forming this group to help win votes for PPP in the constituency”, he said.

Frank Aboagye Danyasah
Frank Aboagye Danyasah

“Any policy that wouldn’t empower women isn’t worth implementing that’s why I am here to tell you that we believe in women and we are going to help in your empowerment,” he added.

“I have two major policies that are targeted at the needy and the widows. I will establish a scholarship scheme for the needy and 60% of the scholarships will be awarded to females.

We are about to also start compiling the names of all widows above 60 years in the Obuasi East Constituency and they will be receiving grants every month when I come to power,” he concluded.


A 10 member executive board was sworn into office to steer the affairs of the group.



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