Obuasi Library Lacks Books.


The Obuasi Municipal Librarian, Mr. Philip Asamoah has appealed to well wishers in and around the Obuasi Municipality to come to the aid of the Obuasi Library which is currently lacking books, research materials and internet connectivity for the E-Library.

According to him, the Library Complex was commissioned without new books so making it very difficult for residents and students to patronize the facility.

“The facility was commissioned without books, so we had to bring back all the old books and research materials from the old library here and these are books dating back to the 1980s having less relevance to our current educational system.

The E-Library too is suffering the same fate as we have less internet data for our clients who visit so it’s more or less redundant”, Mr. Asamoah said.

Speaking on Obuasi FM 107.7’s Fontomfrom breakfast show earlier Friday morning, the Municipal Librarian asked well wishers to come support the Library with old books, dailies, research materials and internet data.

When queried further by the host, Bro Philip whether they have written to the Municipal Assembly, Ghana Library Board or the Member of Parliament, he said “We’ve written several letters to the Assembly but we are yet to receive any concrete answers to that effect, Mr. Ennin too said, he has done his part by putting up the structure so the Assembly is supposed to furnish the library with books”

Member of Parliament.

Member of Parliament for Obuasi East, Mr. Edward Michael Ennin who started the Library with his share of the Common Fund and HIPC fund in 2007 was called to answer to the unavailability of books in the library

“They’ve called on me and I also spoke to some residents of Obuasi in the Diaspora who promised to ship down a 20 footer container of books by close of this month, so I will remind them and we will see what to do next”.

Obuasi Municipal Assembly. spoke to an official of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly who spoke on account of anonymity attesting to the fact that, the Assembly received letters from the Library and will soon respond to their request.

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