President Akuffo Addo Should Probe into Corrupt Projects in Obuasi – Concern Citizens of Obuasi

A group called Concern Citizens of Obuasi has called on the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, to probe into obuasi projects to see if there is value for money.  The Convener of the movement, Kingsford Boakye made this known at a press conference at the Mawuli Hotel today in Obuasi.

The group highlighted some projects in Obuasi which they believed the Assembly overspent on. Concerns were also raised on the poor nature of the Obuasi roads. Read the full release below:



3RD OCTOBER, 2018.



We the concern citizens of Obuasi (CCO) have followed with keen interest the proceedings and discourse surrounding the bad roads in the municipality and the 2018 budget reviewed by the Obuasi Municipal Assembly. CCO having been privileged to sight a copy of the budget, finds the amounts quoted for some executed contracts to be outrageous.

We being so much motivated by H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo’s inaugural speech to “be citizens and not spectators”, have decided to uncover any act of corruption or misuse of public funds which will be a hindrance to his good intentions of transforming Ghana.

CCO will therefore like to draw the attention of H.E. the President, the Local Government Minister, the Ashanti Regional Minister and the Roads and Highway Authority to the bad roads in Obuasi and also the happenings in the financial administration of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly.

Obuasi having suffered a serious economic setback after the closure of AngloGold Ashanti mine, expect to see better roads and prudent use of public funds by public officers in the municipality.


The citizens of Obuasi feel so worried about the bad roads they travel on as they go about their daily lives. Driver finds it unbearable the number of times they have to visit the fitting shops to service their vehicles after plying on these roads. Notable among the roads are:

Obuasi – Anwiankwanta Road – this road is more of a death trap to commuters of the road. The potholes on the road are so much deep that a day does go by without seeing a broken down vehicle by the roadside. We call on the president to at least have the road leveled for easy traffic access.

Obuasi Central Market Road – the nature of this road is also very bad that taxi drivers are most of the times not willing to carry the market women and their goods to the market. The MCE promised that works on this road will begin on the 14th of September 2018, but till date nothing have been done to prove the fulfilment of his promise.

Kunka Juntion to Nyameso road.

Estate to Kokoteasua road.

Estate to Abompekrom

Stadium to Abompe new site.


All these roads are in very deplorable state and we are therefore pleading to the president to come to our aid and help us solve these road menace.


Some of the projects stated in the reviewed 2018 budget with its corresponding contract sums are as follows:

Construction of fence wall at the residence of MCE for Obuasi Municipal Assembly at GHC 131,959.00. The construction of this fence wall was not budgeted for in this 2018 budget but was executed without approval from the general assembly and was not also open for tender which is the breach of the procurement law.

Reshaping of Mamiwira JN- Abaawu feeder road (4.70km) at GHC 71,312.40. Our confirmed checked indicates that the project was done in only 3- days. Assuming without admitting that the cost of fuel and hiring of a grader per day costs GHC10,000 including all overhead costs, the project should not cost the assembly more than GHC 30,000.

Reshaping of Binsere – Ntonsua feeder road (4.80km) at GHC 84,352.40. This project was also done in five days and should not have cost the Assembly more than GHC 50,000. Using the above stated calculation in point 3.

Rehabilitation works on 1 NO. 4 unit classroom block for Presby Primary School at New Nsuta at GHC 181,848.08.

Renovation of offices of Obuasi East District Assembly at PTP at GHC 19,8218.35. Works done on this project was painting and creating of doors to link some offices. Printers, photocopier and furniture were supplied by the government from Accra.

The concern citizens of Obuasi with this and other projects in the Assemblies budget as attached, call the president of the Republic to investigate these outrageous and bloated contract through his investigative and audit agencies to ensure value for money.

The presiding member who should have probed these contracts has jumped unto the defense of the MCE and the assembly on some radio stations in the country.

It is painful to see some few individuals milk the purse of the Assembly for their personal gains when the internal roads in the municipality are in bad state.

The people of Obuasi have not only lost confidence and trust in the MCE but also in Hon. Kwaku Kwarteng who is the MP for Obuasi West and also double as the Deputy finance Minister for the republic, for his inability to question these bloated projects with all the confidence the president have in him by placing him in a ministry in charge of the management of the public purse of the country.

It is our hope that H.E. Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo who is a champion crusader to end corruption in the country will probe into details these corruption projects to make sure there is value for money in Obuasi projects.

Obuasi deserves better.

Thank you.

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