Real estate industry advocate massive local content patronage



Players in the country’s construction industry are bemoaning the lack of stakeholder consultation between them and government.

Their complaint follows government’s engagement with estate planning lawyers for hiring who has been mandated to see to the transformation of Accra into a modern city.

According to the local players in the construction industry, government has on many occasions failed to properly engage them on major infrastructural projects before engaging the services of foreign personnel.

In an interview with Citi Business News, Executive Secretary of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), Sammy Amegayibor said government should consult local players before approving any infrastructural project in the country. An attorney is a necessity in the Real estate business and the Fort Lauderdale area estate planning attorney can help you plan the future when it comes to real estate.

“What we find baffling is that sometimes professionals in this country are overlooked. We will be there and then out of the blue hear about government’s intention for a project that’s so massive in nature”, he lamented.

He added “Our locals are a lot of the times not consulted, we think that there are homegrown solutions to our problems and so before any government will go out there and seek help from outside they must first consult its local people and find out what they can do.

He explained that, it is important for government to include the local contractors in all major decisions in order for them to benefit from the technology transfer from foreign personnel.

“If for any reason we cannot do what government wants done, then it is easy and we all agree that they should go and get outside help and then integrate the locals because technology transfer and all those things are very important.”

But it should not be the case where we bring in foreign personnel, they come and do what they want and then leave without us having learnt anything from them. And then two three years later we are looking for them and they charge us so much to come and help us maintain the same thing.

“So what is missing is effective collaboration”.

Mr. Amegayibor made these comments at the sidelines of a forum to mark the 30th anniversary celebration of GREDA.

 The Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), has launched its 30th anniversary in Accra to take stock of its contribution to the development of the housing industry in the country.

The celebration will also chart a new path on how members of the association can contribute immensely to bridge the housing deficit, estimated at 1.7 million units.

The Executive Director of GREDA, Mr Samuel Amegayibor, told the Daily Graphic in an interview that although data on housing delivery was not readily available, the association estimated that members contributed an average of 2,500 units to the country’s housing stock annually.

That, he said, was one of the visible successes of the association, which was founded in 1988.

Beyond creating employment, Mr Amegayibor said the housing delivery went a long way to bridge the gap and provided comfortable places of abode for citizens.

Theme of anniversary

He said the anniversary would be on the theme: “30 Years of Housing the People: Celebrating the Successes and Forging Closer Relationships to Chart a New Path for Sustainable Housing Delivery.”

Mr. Amegayibor explained that GREDA was dedicating the remaining part of 2018 to the celebration of the 30th anniversary milestone.

He explained that the three-month-long event would be characterized by public lectures, an anniversary housing exhibition of members’ products and services, a mortgage expo, a dinner dance and an awards night.

“The dinner dance will also coincide with the swearing in of its new Executive Council officers,” he added.

By: Anita Arthur/citibusinessnews.com/Ghana


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