Rise In Relationship Abuse Attributed to Unnecessary Expectations.

A renowned Relationship and Student counselor, Mr. Joseph Owusu-Addo, has attributed the rise in recent relationship abuse to unnecessary expectation from partners before and after marriage.

In a close up interview with him at his Bekwai office, Mr. Joseph Owusu-Addo said partners expect a lot from each other after Marriage which tends to put pressure on either of them.

“When a partner tends to expect a lot from his half then frustration sets in leading to anger and boredom which then transfer to suicide, stabbing or using acid on the partner”, he stated.

Pre-investment and Immaturity.

According to him, when a man invests in the education or trade of his partner and the woman for no reason calls the relationship quits or flirts around, it makes the man look foolish in the eyes of his colleagues and the community.

Mr. Joseph Owusu-Addo did not mince words in adding that, immaturity on the parts of partners is one of the factors that lead to relationship abuse.

“Young couples or dating partners are always the victims when this issue comes up, since they are immature in relationship matters and lacking counseling, it ends up in a bloody way”, he stressed.

Confusing infatuation with Love

He went on to add that, confusing infatuation, which is temporal passion to Love have also contributed greatly to relationship abuse.

“So many are people are deceived when the topic is love and infatuations. There’s a vast difference between infatuation and Love and partners should know this to avoid such future occurrences”, he added.


Mr. Joseph Owusu-Addo, advised the youth to seek relationship counseling and guidance before venturing into marriage to prevent such gory occurrences.

He also called on young men and women not to play with the emotions of each other when they are not ready to settle down with them.

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