Set Up A Whole Ministry for Youth- Youth Alliance for Development.

The Executive Director of Youth Alliance for Development (YAD) Mr. Robert Ali Tanti has called on the government to create a separate ministry that will see to only youth related issues when it comes to investing in the youth.

He was speaking to Obuasitoday.com earlier yesterday on the theme for the 59th Independence day celebration, under the theme, “Investing in the youth for Ghana’s Transformation”.

“Proper investment of the youth will start from getting a single ministry for the Youth; attention has been given to Sports and therefore the youth side of the ministry has become redundant”, he said.

Mr. Ali Tanti commended the government for making some efforts to revitalize the youth with some intervention but quickly added it was not enough.

According to him, Youth Alliance for Development wants the government to invest in quality education, National Youth Authority and on employment.

They also called on the government to finance the National Youth Authority and also set up Youth Authority offices across the country.


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