Founder of SUPREMOVISIONS FOUNDATION, a philanthropic and center for accountable governance group, harnessing the youth empowerment, Samuel Gyekye Mensah popularly known as SUPREMO has questioned the services of the incumbent Obuasi MPs to the people.  He said this during a youth group service at Wawasi, a suburb of Obuasi and explained that, being a leader was all about services and not rulership.
“I am sure by now you all might be fed up with issues and political diabolics and this time we must make sure our leaders are transparent and accountable, right from the MPs up to the president”, he said.
He added that Hon. Ennin and Hon. Kwarteng since their time of induction have had no positive effect on the lives of the residents of Obuasi and they shouldn’t come back to campaign for re-election since the people of Obuasi now knows better.
“MPs are servants who are to serve and not to be served and therefore if you are not ready to serve then you don’t venture going to run”, he added.
Samuel Gyekye Mensah therfore urged the youth to be firm on these politicians and attack them based on issues. He concluded by asking the youth to “show intellect this time, put our leaders firm to duty calls and accountability”.
Samuel Gyekye Mensah is a KNUST student, an activist and a social commentator.

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