Technology from China, Lessons for Ghana

When screen touch phones emerged into the Ghanaian market, due to their fragility, we easily recognized they were inferior as compared to our Nokia 1100 and Samsung D600, the hit phones at the time. Every inferior electronic gadget was attributed to a Chinese manufacturer. That was 2006/07.


In 2012, I bought my first ‘original Chinese’ smartphone by OPPO named X905. With a dual core Snapdragon processor running with 1 GB of RAM, it won my heart over the Samsung S2 which was the flagship phone of the prestigious South Korean electronics company. It was adjudged the slimmest smartphone ever made and it held that title for almost three (3) weeks before it was overtaken by another Chinese phone company.

With a nice metal-like body, it was running on Android 2.3 but later upgraded to Android 4.0. It was my first  phone to have a 8mp HD camera. Oppo changed my long time perspective that China goods were inferior to its counterparts from Europe, America, Japan and Korea. Since 2012, Chinese phone companies have produced excellent devices with record-breaking prices. Huawei have produced the P line of smartphones featuring the P2, P6, P7 and P8. The Honor line of smartphones by the chinese company is a premium product preferred and bought by many due to its lower cost as compared to Apple and Samsung smartphones with similar hardware.

Letv, Lenovo, OPPO, One Plus, Xiaomi, Meizu etc are into serious business of producing smartphones that will appeal to your heart and make you eager to lose some money for it.Almost all the countries with high economic growth within the past three (3) years deal with smartphones and its manufacturing.

The biggest business of the 21st century is estate development and electronic gadgets manufacturing. The only things we are assured of its increase from year to year is technology and population.More smartphones that will make lives easier for people are in higher demand as the days go by.

South Korea has Samsung and LG. America has Appleand Microsoft and Canada has Blackberry. Japan has Sony and Finland has Nokia. Chinese has Lenovo, Huawei, Oppo, One Plus, Xiaomi, Meizu, Letv etc.

What lessons are we gaining from China, the country that moved from the home of inferior goods to the land of the best gadgets? How many phone manufacturing companies do we have in Ghana? None. How many phone assemblingcompanies do we have? One. rLG.

to be continued…

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