The Attitude Lounge: You are an Essence


“When a shield wears out, the framework still remains.” – Akan proverb

It is interesting how we have been told time and time again that we are fearfully created and full of wonder, yet the bulk of the populace go to great lengths not to be wonderful but rather tie themselves into a system in order to be accepted. They would rather find an existing role in society, or to an image or the predetermined identity of other people and strive to mould themselves as such – instead of being what they feel inside. And the sadder part is after they have repressed their original self and settled for who they are not, they embark on a quest to be happy. How they hope to achieve that with the variation of worlds rising within them is hard to comprehend.

But, do you know that defining you is so exclusive it can only be done by you? No person or system can define you, because ultimately you are what remains after you have stripped yourself of everything you are not. Yes, to find yourself you have to purify yourself of the impurities. It is not as easy as it sounds, for the authentic you will have to circumvent identity-traps along the journey of life; traps that seek to change you into something other than you. Sadly, many of us have fallen into those identity traps and the straps have tightly wound themselves around us, to the point where we have unconsciously become afraid of who we really are: our innermost selves.

For such individuals, their hope is to settle for something that is acceptable by others who we are not sure know who they really are, and what they are made of. They cannot engage the passion that fills their hearts and the craziness their thoughts think about. Maybe it is not surprising that, for the most part, many of us are torn between the depth of the inner worlds we carry around with us and shallowness of the glimpses we catch in the worlds of other people.

The two worlds rub against each other all the time, because we perceive nearly all the wildness in our worlds to be imaginary; and nearly all that we see in the other worlds to be real. We see it as real because those other individuals are living them. We marvel at their liveliness and desire to be like them, forgetting that we would be better with ourselves if we actually embraced ourselves and lived to the fullest.

Interestingly, nothing stops us from living our lives but we do not. And it is not that we do not admire wonderfulness. On the contrary, we are attracted to it – except that more often we are attracted to the wonderfulness of others. We forget that no person can compel you to live you as you were fearfully made to live until you actually want to. That is one of the mysteries of living. We choose how to live our lives. As to whether it is in conformity with our natural selves or an imitation of another’s life, we are the only ones who decide and actually execute it.

The dilemma is whether what the world sees us doing, or what they hear us saying, comes from the depths of our souls or from the shallowness we imitate of others. If the world is missing out on your authentic wonderfulness, then you need to understand you are one of the many cracks that is preventing all of us from enjoying the synergy of humanity’s wholeness.

Too often, out of a fear of being rejected for ourselves, we have latched onto the guise of political correctness as an enabler to repress the wonderfulness which we were created with. And instead of embracing the wildness within us, we are clamouring for the fragmented ideologies hurtling through our space, with the hope that we can fill ourselves with something else.

What you need to understand is that you are an essence, meant to fragrance this life and make it whole. That is why the fundamental nature of your existence is to seek the truth of who you are, be enchanted by the beauty nature has speckled around us, and aspire to do the good you dream about all the time. Such is our purpose, and it is this that will help you unearth the means by which you can live with others in order to live right with yourself.

But until you are ready to accept yourself as you are, the wonderfulness of the wildness locked in your DNA, you will always be tormented; and being tormented, you will torment others as you torment yourself. To be alive, in the real sense of living right, is to bring out the divine nature that you were originally created with. You are to manifest your god-likeness, much like your Creator, in everything you do. Not the evilness you were cultured into as you grew up, and one disappointment after another got you twisted with thoughts of paybacks and greed. You are better than that, so let the divinity flows through you and you through it, so that it becomes the essence of your life’s experiences.

Kodwo Brumpon inspires individuals and organisations to aspire to think that which is true, positively respond to that which is beautiful, and nudges them to let goodness govern their actions. Comments, suggestions and requests should be sent to him at kodwobrumpon@gmail.com

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