Top 5 Inspirational Youth in Obuasi Part 1

Our dreams may be so beautiful yet the road to it is not always easy to navigate through mountains of doubts, a valley of fear and the storms of rejection and loneliness and mind-numbing times that makes you feel like giving up and quitting.

It is these trying times that words of encouragement, inspiration and motivation come in handy. If you get lost along the way: just remember that anything worth having doesn’t come easy and that perseverance is a vital ingredient in the success equation.

We have put together a list of inspirational youth in Obuasi one can look up to for inspiration as an entrepreneur when the hard times roll in for motivation and words of encouragement.

Charles Wundengba

CEO of Wundef group of companies is a teacher by profession and a blogger. He has inspired millions through his website Wundef.com which primary niche is on entrepreneurship.  He was nominated for the prestigious 40 under 40 wards 2018, he has travelled the length and breadth of the country and other neighbouring countries delivering the message of hope to the youth.

With over 190,000 combined following on Twitter and Facebook, he continually updates his followers with words on encouragements. Follow him via the links below:




Abraham Hammond

A reverend minister of Kings Covenant Chapel- Bediem and the organizer of Fruitful Vine( an annual ladies empowerment conference in Obuasi and Kumasi), Divine Intimacy and Obuasi Must Work ( an annual youth empowerment program).

Abraham Hammond continuously shares motivational quotes and stories on his social media handles. He believes all things are possible and that hard work surely produces results. Follow Abraham Hammond by clinking on Facebook 


Joel Owusu Asiaw ( Joel Victory)

Joel Owusu Asiaw is a radical motivator. He is the CEO of Save a Soul Today-an initiative that visits, motivates and encourages prison inmates. Joel is also a spoken word artist with hope, faith and hard work as his primary niche.

Through Save a Soul Today initiative Joel and his team have inspired over two(2) thousand prison inmates across the country. Be a part of his over 5 thousand followers on Facebook

Mark Afriyie

Mark Afriyie popularly known as China Man runs Egg Nest a poultry farm at Kwabenakwa with over 3 thousand birds. From a humble beginning, Mark has risen over the odds to be one of the most inspiring youth in Obuasi.

Mark inspires the youth on social media to look beyond their present state and work hard for the life they dream of having. Follow Mark on Facebook

Madam Louisa  Amoah

Madam Louisa Amoah is a professional teacher and the Executive Director of Girls Shall Grow, an initiative that seeks to empower young ladies to take up leadership positions in the future.

Girls Shall Grow, a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Obuasi, organised a capacity building program aimed at building the self-esteem of young girls in Obuasi and its environs.

Her project has empowered over 1500 young ladies and has also helped coach over a thousand on career guidance.

A photo section after a Girl Shall Grow event

Follow Madam Louisa Amoah and her works by clinking the link Facebook 

Girl Shall Grow



Louisa Amoah March 9, 2019 at 2:16 pm

I must confess that I’ve been moved to a higher level paaa o. To be recognized and acknowledged means a lot .
To me it means eyes are watching, no matter what you do.
I’m challenged to do more and to touch many lives.

Thanks for this…. very appreciative.

Ebenezer Ankapong March 11, 2019 at 6:36 am

You are welcomed Madam and keep on with your great works.

Joel Victory Asiaw March 12, 2019 at 11:37 am

That’s a privelege and I do appreciate. God bless

Ebenezer Ankapong January 26, 2020 at 7:35 am

Keep on inspiring sir, you touching lives


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