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AGA Job Opportunity: Ventilation Engineer

The purpose of this role is to plan, manage and ensure an occupational environment that is conducive to good health and productivity. The Ventilation Engineer will ensure to provide safe and conducive work environment by ensuring adequate ventilation in all working areas.


  • Assess risks for all tasks and ensure they are controlled before and during task execution.
  • Report all incidents and ensure they have been investigated and corrective actions completed on time.
  • Act on all corrective actions assigned to you or under your jurisdiction and ensure timely completion.
  • Be responsible for the secondary ventilation auditing, reporting and updating in Ventsim model
  • Work with the Mine Captains and Supervisors to get ventilation works carried out in a timely manner and to the specified standard of quality
  • Inspect ventilation infrastructure in active and inactive (Care and Maintenance) areas of the mine and update on mine plans using Surpac software.
  • Conduct pressure surveys on vertical infrastructure to calibrate ventilation model
  • Plan and be accountable for the outputs from monthly ventilation surveys
  • Prepare and update ventilation flows on mine rescue plans as per Ghana mining regulations
  • Be responsible for inputting data into ventilation database including weekly, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Be responsible to set underground regulators and update regulator register
  • Ensure compliance in areas of Mine ventilation and Occupational Health as per Ghana Mining Regulations.
  • Inspect future secondary fan sites for preparation work
  • Primary fan inspection and primary fan collar survey
  • Ventilation network planning and survey at the Care and Maintenance areas of the mine.



  • A Bachelor Degree or equivalent tertiary qualifications in a relevant (mining) engineering discipline.


  • At least 2 years’ experience in underground ventilation engineering.
  • Knowledge in ventilation planning and collecting ventilation data (primary and secondary survey).

Legal requirements

  • Blasting Certificate
  • Mine Rescue Certificate

Technical Competencies

  • Knowledge in Ventsim Software/VUMA Software
  • Knowledge in Mine planning software preferably Studio5D Planner/Surpac
  • Knowledge in AutoCAD

Interested Ghanaians with the above qualification and experience should submit their applications, with detailed CV.

Please note – only candidates who are successfully shortlisted will be contacted


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