Visitors Are Over-hyped in Ghana- Fuse ODG

Growing up my mother had that special bowl which only came out of it hide when visitors came to visit and that was a norm in many homes. Ghanaians go out the norm to the extremes when it comes to welcoming visitors.

From custom officers beaming with amiable smiles to cultural dancers welcoming them, Ghanaian always have a way to make its visitors feel special and welcomed.

Fuse ODG a Ghanaian UK based artist made a remark that the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were over-hyped when they visited Ghana earlier this month.

He said “the whole thing was just wrong….they came to check up on their kids”, “they came to keep Ghanaians in check, and we are still slaves”.

Fuse ODG added that such a hospitality should be extended to Ghanaians living outside when they visit their homeland.

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