Want to eat well? Head to the Adabraka fish market [Photos]

Want to eat well? Head to the Adabraka fish market [Photos]

Doctors say humans of all ages should eat more fish than red meat and as luck would have it,  Ghana is surrounded by the oceans from which all kinds of fish come from.

Despite the abundance from the sea, fish can be expensive, sometimes even hard to find if you like your fish sun-dried, salted or smoked just as the majority of Ghanaians love theirs.


But Accra’s major dry, smoked and salted fish market sits in plain sight in the Adabraka market.

The women in this  market have all the favorites smoked and dry fish for your soups and sauces.

It’s a wholesale market but they do retail – who wouldn’t in this economy. So head to the Adabraka market any weekend for some affordable delicacies for your favorite soups.


For those who do not work in Adabraka or know how to get there, Google maps should lead you there. Imagine these in your weekend okro soup? It’s should be motivation if you’re still on the fence about the trip to the fish market. By the way, doctors say a healthy diet should contain two portions of fish a week.

It’s the one trip you won’t regret. The women even have stuff for your hot pepper sauces – as in, they have powdered shrimps and herrings to make your work easier.

You could also think of buying fish from the Adabraka market as your patriotic duty – it’s made in Ghana fish.

Happy fish shopping.

By: Farida Yusif/citinewsroom.com/Ghana


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