We are thirsty-residents of Kokoteasua-sennet bemoan.

Residents of Kokoteasua-Sennet, a suburb of Obuasi are worried over the rate at which most of their Wells are drying up due to the operations of small scale miners who are now operating down the earth. Since their operations require enough water, the miners dig more water to the detriments of residence.

As at the time of this report, most residence who rely on Wells as their source of drinking water complained of their water being polluted and not safe for drinking.

Obuasitoday.com spoke to one Mr. Acolaste,a resident of the area who complained bitterly of the current impasse.

“we used to get clean water from our Wells, but until the operations of the small scale miners stared on the hill,we can’t even use the well water for washing or even use it for cooking”, he said.

Small Scale Mining

The small scale mining activities that started in the area some few years ago have according to some residents we spoke to, contributed to the pollution of their drinking water.

An insider with the Small Scale Miners at the Kokoteasua Sennet who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Obuasitoday.com of how their operations will have a long term effect on residents.

“Boss, the water we pump from underground is too much ooo, so what people will drink will all spoil and some of our people are trying to start doing blasting”, he said

Assembly Member

All efforts made to reach the Assembly member for the area, Mr. Daniel Obeng  proved futile.

Obuasitoday.com promises readers to get to the bottom of this matter.

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