We’ll focus on sustainable interventions to address sanitation

We’ll focus on sustainable interventions to address sanitation – AMA
Gilbert Nii Ankrah is Public Relations Officer for Accra Metropolitan Assembly

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), has said it is keen on finding long lasting solutions to address sanitation issues in the capital, Accra.

According to the AMA, although the challenges associated with tackling the menace are huge, it will not relent on its oars to ensure a clean city.

Accra is still battling with wanton plastic waste, unreliable waste disposal systems and the general absence of toilet facilities in many homes, which breeds open defecation

But in a statement issued by the assembly and signed by its Public Relations Officer, Gilbert Ankrah, the AMA said although its short-term measures are effective, it will do more to ensure that the situation is solved permanently.

“To deal with the debris situation, the AMA drains maintenance gang are scheduled to regularly remove debris in all the Accra drains. Of course, the challenge is enormous, but the City authority is focused on a lasting and sustainable intervention. Meanwhile, the current measure has proven to be effective in the short term considering the exigencies of the situation.”

Citi News’ report on sanitation at Osu, AMA takes steps

Citi News reported of the worsening sanitation situation at Osu Anohor in Accra.

A major drain that is supposed to channel liquid waste into the sea has now become storage for plastic waste and human excreta that finally ends up in the sea.

Although the Assembly blamed poor waste disposal habits on the citizens, it claims it has desilted the choked gutters and will continue to take pragmatic measures to avert any health implications.

“The debris shown in the video was cleared within 48 hours of its accumulation and it is a situation that is receiving urgent attention due to its implications for the surrounding communities. The Accra drainage network as it stands collects waste from upstream which ends up in major storm drains including the London Market drain, Osu Anehor drain et al. The Korle Lagoon, Kpeshie Lagoon et al are the major banks that receive the waste. What happens is that when it rains all manner of waste is washed down from upstream, and all the debris accumulate in the main storm drain leading to the sea.”

The statement further mentioned that solving the insanitary conditions in the capital does not lie solely with the AMA but rather a collaboration among all stakeholders.

“Proactive involvement of citizenry is crucial. We urge the media to note that the clean Accra agenda is a shared responsibility. They should step up their education campaign, demand accountability from the Assemblies and admonish city dwellers to be responsible. The ‘Clean Accra Agenda’ is a shared responsibility.”

Sanitation challenges: Parliament must consider a legislation on plastics – Zanetor

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for the Klottey Korle Constituency, Dr. Zanetor Agyemang Rawlings, wants Parliament to take keen interest in passing a legislation on the use and production of plastics in the country.

She indicated that a coordinated effort is needed to address sanitation issues generally in the country.

“We need to definitely look at trying to support people in the community who are willing to help with waste management. The AMA has a huge role to play. This is something we need to tackle across board. Parliament needs to seriously look at the legislation that deals with plastic production and waste as well as the type of plastic we allow within the country.”

Give AMA more control to ensure proper sanitation – Accra Mayor

The Chief Executive Officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Mohammed Nii Adjei Sowah has blamed the failure to ensure the provision of social services including adequate sanitation in the metropolis on the Assembly’s lack of total control over these services.

According to him, despite being responsible for the development of the capital, the Assembly has to contend with other agencies which have the primary responsibility for certain key social services.

“You travel around the world and are proud to go to certain megacities and see things over there. But what is the governance structure in those cities? I sit here as the Mayor of Accra but I don’t control the Ghana Police Service or the Ghana Health Service, so I don’t control all the clinics in Accra. These are all complementary factors that could factor in your planning of the city,”he said.

By: Nii Larte Lartey/citinewsroom.com/Ghana

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