Wendy Shay fires back at critics over ‘photoshopped’ image

Wendy Shay fires back at critics over ‘photoshopped’ image
Wendy Shay

Ruff Town Record’s latest signee, Wendy Shay, has responded to a photo circulating on social media purported to be her image.

In the photo which was taken during Miss Ghana beauty pageant, Wendy Shay’s butt is clearly shown. The photo shows dark portions around her butts.

Social media has been buzzing, with some people body shaming Wendy Shay since the photo got on the internet.

However, in a Facebook post, the Afropop artiste indicated that the image was photoshopped by people who are bent on bringing her down.

She has also slammed women who also joined in mocking her.

“My passion is entertainment and I am thankful for my God-given talent of being able to sing.

It’s quite unfortunate that in my quest to show it, people who want to belittle what I can do hide behind the internet, as they project lame and shameful images which have nothing to do with me.

Hiding behind the internet and sharing photoshopped images of me will not bring me down. I am here to show my talent to the world and the evil plans you have in mind will not pull me down.

When will these acts stop? Are women supposed to be a laughing stock whenever they want to achieve something useful in life? And fellow women also joining in such acts, will you be happy if I were your sister or relative?

Support your own but you rather prefer to pull your own down. Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” she posted.

Wendy Shay who has been tagged as a ‘photocopy’ of the late Ebony Reigns has songs like ‘Uber Driver,’ ‘Bedroom Commando’ and ‘Astalavista.’

But just like Ebony, she has not been spared criticism from the general public on the choice of words in her songs and her style of dressing.

According to the 22-year old singer, she is naturally playful and believes that informs why her manager and songwriter Bullet chooses themes that would suit her.

In an interview with Delay on the Delay Show, the ‘Uber Driver’ hit maker said despite the fact that she is known for being playful with songs that carry sexual meanings, she would not always toe that line.

When asked if her fondness for songs with sexual innuendos won’t make her sound predictable and boring, she answered in the negative.

She stated that she has plans to touch on other topics other than those with sexual connotations.

By: Kwame Dadzie/citinewsroom.com/Ghana

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