Bernard Mornah berates DVLA over Tony Lithur’s car gift

The National Chairman of the PNC Bernard Mornah is accusing the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) of leaking documents of a car gift he received from President John Mahama’s lawyer.

According to Mr. Mornah, he received the car upon an appeal he made to Tony Lithur to support his campaign.

The supposed documents of the vehicle have allegedly found their way into the media.

Speaking to Starr News, Mr. Mornah said the DVLA has released the confidential documents to discredit and embarrass him ahead of the elections.

“ I received the car from my friend and brother Tony Lithur after I made an appeal to him. I got to know him through the Free Tsatsu Movement, which he formed, and I was a part of. As his former student, I know he imports cars so I appealed to him during my campaign and he gave me one of his imported cars.

“So it was only proper that I registered the car in my name. But it’s obvious the DVLA has leaked the confidential registration documents to people for whatever reason known to them. And I think we should be worried that we cannot trust our DVLA,” he narrated.

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