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AGA Job Opportunity: Clerk of Works – QA/QC AI&C 

The Clerk of Works reports to the C & I Engineer and is accountable for overseeing the quality of the installation of the Automation and Instrumentation in a compliant and presentable manner with respect to works on the Obuasi mine Phase 3 Project.


  • Work compliantly with the requirement of government of Ghana agencies, environmental, health and safety legislation and AGAG regulation
  • Accept personal responsibility for health and safety and that of every mine worker by his/her work. Also having a duty of care for themselves and others in a working environment.
  • Adhere to the site’s Environmental management plan.
  • Report to the C & I Engineer for the purposes of assisting in safety and quality of works in progress.
  • Be aware of schedule requirements and able to report early any constraints that may arise during the project.
  • Oversee and inspect the A & I installations to ensure that the installations adhere to AGAG’s specifications with respect to relevant hookup drawings, corrosion protection, earthing protection. Also ensuring the installation is presented in a well fashioned manner
  • Prepare and conduct walkdowns of construction complete Subsystems
  • Produce and maintain a punch-list register generated from the walkdowns.
  • Produce Non-conformance reports and participate in the solution process as these matters arise
  • Be part of the Process to create a Manufacturers Data Report.
  • Create and maintain a Dossier as part of the MDR for the construction installation, testing and commissioning ready for handover to Operations.



  • Trade background or higher in Electrical/Instrumentation preferred.
  • QA/QC management certification


  • Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in Instrumentation/electrical installations in a mining environment.
  • QA/QC roles in a construction phase of mining projects.
  • Familiarity with Ghana Minerals and Mining (Health Safety and Technical) Regulation

Legal Requirement

  • Must possess relevant certificate of competency from Minerals Commission of Ghana

Technical Competencies

  • Be well organized and able to create functional file structures for the purpose of creating a dossier and MDR.
  • Able to prepare and execute subsystem walkdowns in a timely manner.
  • Be able to understand and interpret the content of different types of QA/QC forms and reports.
  • Be able to understand network, loop, terminal and schematic drawings.
  • Be able to understand and implement Instrument hookup drawings.
  • Address any deficiencies in the A & I installation processes and procedure either directly or through normal chain of command

Other Competencies

  • Be part of a team capable of producing good quality work in a timely manner.
  • Continuously improve processes used by the team.
  • Model work behaviors for the team consistent with company values.
  • Finding innovative solutions through creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Be part of an environment of teamwork and willingness to help others.
  • Able to work with others from all different disciplines.

Interested Ghanaians with the above qualification and experience should submit their applications, with detailed CV.


BEWARE OF CONMEN! AGAG does not receive money in exchange for a job position. Should you be asked for money in exchange for a job offer or suspect such activity, please report this immediately to our Security Department, Investigation Unit, by calling +233556582933 or 0322296755 (rates apply) or use our whistle-blowing channels by sending an SMS to +27 73 573 8075 (SMS rates apply) or emailing 24cthonesty@ethics-line.com or use the internet at www.tip-offs.com

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