Donald Trump Has Won, What Lessons Are There For US To Learn From

The United States of America has really proven to be a bacon of democracy. No wonder the country has been running on this system of governance for nearly two centuries plus. Despite the heated electioneering campaign, debates and utterances, all the parties have come to accept the decision of the people/voters.

Even though, some of us never wished Mr. Donald Trump to win the elections, he has won! He is the choice of the majority. No one can take it away from him. It is the will of the most High.

Priori to this day, there were a lot of voices, opinion polls and predictions, which suggested that Madam Hillary Clinton will win the polls. All those thoughts never turned out as predicted. They were just imaginations and critical analysis of the issues on the face of opinions and wishful thinking.

Hate him or like him, he has won! He has fought a very tough fight and he has come out victorious. There were some (myself included) who thought he would be beaten by a wider margin but that wishful thought never came to pass. Among the many lessons that we can learn from this is that, no matter how majority of the people may disagree with you and what you believe in, you should not countenance to anything less than your dreams, beliefs and aspirations. Even though, the negative politics and propaganda was thrown at all the candidates (Hillary & Trump) from their respective parties, Trump’s own were just too absurd and a lot of people thought that could define his fate in the election. But, it never deterred him from staking to his ideals and views. A lot of key figures in his own Republican party never supported his candidature let alone to become the president of one of the most powerful nations on earth now. Irrespective of that, he still stood tall to be counted, and fought to the last.

Even though, there are a lot of uncertainties as to how his administration will be, he could yet turned out to be a Messiah (to properly mediate the issues of our times) OR a ‘Pharoah’ of our time. That not withstanding, his speech, some few hours ago was heartwarming.

As we sit back to see how his presidency will unfold, we can only hope that, he does not carryout some of the wild and unguided utterances he is reported to have made on the campaign trail. I wish him well.

Ghana too will surely, InShaaAllah come out of this impending election more United than ever. May the best candidate win. Long live our motherland Ghana. #Americanelections

Ibrahim Mohammed Hamid

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