Obuasi: Muslim Cleric Joins ‘Ken-Ken to Ken-Ken Parliament ‘ to Speak Against LGBTQI+

The Chief Imam of Wangara Mosque in Obuasi, Alhaji Yahaya Cessey has joined a Muslim  Youth group known commonly as ‘ Ken-ken to Ken- Ken Parliament ‘ to speak up and out loudly against Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer and Intersex, LGBTQI+ practises in the country. 

Speaking at a colorful ceremony to mark the birth of Muhammad known as Mawlid, Alhaji Cessey called on well meaning Ghanaians to speak against LGBTQI since their acts have the tendancy to destroy the significant gains the Country has made over the years.

Likened the situation to Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah,  the Muslim Cleric said ” I would want people to cast their minds back to an incident in the Bible where God destroyed a people because of same-sex relationships. This calamity might befall any society that accepts LGBTQI”.

It would be recalled that in August 2021, eight Parliamentarians jointly submitted a private bill to push for the criminalisation of LGBTQ+ activities in the country. The proponents also want the promotion, advocacy, funding, and acts of homosexuality to be forbidden in the country.

Reflecting on the birth of Prophet Mohammed, Alhaji Yahaya said the Qur’an had described Prophet Muhammad as the most noble and pious human being sent as a blessing to the world hence Muslim all over the world should emulate his lifestyle .

Again, he advised parents to prioritize  the education of their children . He said secular education is key to build the human capacity of Muslim Youth. He cautioned the Youth against crime and all forms of violence by indicating that Islam stand for peace.

Massawudu Tahiru, Chairman of the ‘Ken-Ken to Ken- Ken Parliament”, organizers of the program said the group in its 10 years of existence has contributed in promoting the interest of the Muslim youth. He said the group has so far led the construction of Mosques at the Obuasi Government Hospital and the Obuasi Senior High and Technical School as well as organising the youth to clean their communities. 

He said the time has come for Muslim Youth especially in the Zongo Communities to pursue education to the highest level. He said ” hitherto, most Zongo children had little interest in secular education but with groups like ours springing up, the dynamics are changing now”. 

He also added his voice to calls for Parliamentarians to vote massively for the Anti- LGBTQI bills which has been laid before Parliament. He said there should be no room for such “dastardly acts”  to be legalized in Ghana.


Sampson Manu 



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