Will the PPP’s Afia Ansaa Asiedu be athorn in the flesh of John Ackon and Kwaku Kwarteng?


It’s yet another election year and with just few months to go, various candidates who are eligible for Parliament have already tendered in their nominations waiting for the elections day come November 7.

Let me take you back to the topic, Madam Afia Ansaa Asiedu a fresh face in the politics of Obuasi will be contesting the heavy weights, Mr. John Alexander Kobina Ackon, the current Ashanti Regional Minister and Mr. Kwaku Kwarteng Agyemang, the incumbent Member of Parliament for the Obuasi West constituency.

Madam Afia Ansaa Asiedu will be contesting on the ticket of Progressive Peoples Party for the Obuasi West Constituency comes November 7.

She will be the second Progressive Peoples Party’s (PPP) candidate for the Obuasi West Constituency after Academician and Social Commentator Mr. Abubakar Sadick Iddris contested for the party in 2012.

Now, what I want us to look at is the kind of change Madam Afia Ansaa can bring to the ring whether to give the men a hot chase or she is in to test the waters.

In the 2008 Parliamentary elections, The race was very keen between the NPP’s Edward Michael Ennin and the NDC’s John Alexander Ackon who was contesting for ghe first time.

The NPP’s Edward Michael Ennin had 46,398 as gainst the NDCs fresh candidate John Ackon pulling 26,855.

Other Parliamentary candidates were the Conventional Peoples Pary’s late David Kenyah pulling 1,448, People National Conventions (PNC) Mohammed Issifu 324, Renaiansece Peoples Party’s candidate pulled 150 votes and lastly Mr Elyass Abdulsalam of the Democratic Freedom Party pulling 147 votes respectively.

The Late David Kenyah who pulled 1,488 then with the CPP then had a united CPP with PPP loyalists. None of the minority apart from the CPP had below 100 votes means they were really in for business.

The crucial 2012 elections came with a certain tenacity that saw both the Parliamentary and Presidential candidates of various political doing all what they can politically to win new seats and maintain existing ones.

Prior to elections there was an LI that saw to the splitting of the Obuasi Constituency into East and West; with this division the NPP had a Fresh candidate Mr. Kwaku Kwarteng Agyemang who for the first time was coming to contest well rooted Municipal Chief Executive John Alexander Kobina Ackon; and with the birth of PPP who also presented a formidable candidate who was very new in the Obuasi political circles, Mr. Sadick Abubakar Iddrisu.

With the birth of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), the vibrant CPP became redundant bringing no candidate on board to contest for the Obuasi West seat.

Mr. Sadick Abubakar pulled 428 votes; Isaac Fordjour an Independent candidate also came up with 112 whiles the PNC’s two time candidate Mohammed Issifu pulled 110 as against his 324 in 2008.

The light of the PPP in Obuasi West Constituency that went off totally after the 2012 elections was rekindled by the Obuasi East PPP Parliamentary candidate and young real estate developer, Mr. Frank Aboagye Danyansah. He left no stone unturned when he contested for the Obuasi East.

Mr. Sadick Abubakar Issifu, after the 2012 elections has since left active political scene for personal reasons.

The Obuasi West PPP was more or less defunct until Madam Afia Ansaa Asiedu a Manager with Coconut Grove Miners Lodge, a subsidiary of Groupe Nduom (GN) came out with her posters as the 2016 Parliamentary candidate.

Her experience in the politics of Obuasi West is yet to be ascertained. Madam Afia Ansaa Asiedu will have to go the extra mile to win back the 428 votes her predecessor had or add more to it.

Whether she makes the Progressive Peoples Party a thorn in the flesh of the sitting MP Mr. Kwaku Kwarteng or the Regional Minister Mr. John Alexander Ackon will base on her campaign strategies of which the electorates are yet to know.

She’s either media shy or want to take everyone by surprise with the change she wants to make with the PPP this time round in the Obuasi West Constituency.

We wish her all the best.




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