I’m Disappointed In The People Of Obuasi – Medical Superintendent fumes

The Obuasi Medical Superintendent, Dr Kwadwo Nyarko Jecte has expressed disappointment in residents of Obuasi for blatantly disregarding Covid-19 protocols though they should know better.
Dr Jecte in an exclusive interview with Shaft Fm’s Kofi Wusu Brempong said, the people of Obuasi still believe the covid-19 pandemic is a myth and are disregarding the preventive measures.

“The people of Obuasi have let me and my health workers down,” he said.
“Go to town right now and you will see people without nose masks, neither do they practice social distancing.
“Obuasi recorded high COVID-19 figures last year and it should have thought as a lesson but we’re rather blatantly disregarding the preventive measures,” he said.
Dr Jecte further disclosed that people fight the nurses and doctors whenever they’re asked to wear a mask upon visiting the hospital, a decision he sees as appalling exhibited by residents which put innocent lives at risk.
According to him, although the cases recorded are not as high as the former yet more cases are being documented even though he didn’t give a specific number.
“People fights us whenever we ask them to put their mask on visiting this facility. The ‘No nose mask No entry’ sign has been inscribed all over this place but people still disobey and I find it abnormal to see the educated and prominent violating the directives”.
He, however, warned that people should start taking covid-19 measures and health protocols serious for the reason that there are no isolation and treatment centres to take care of them should there be a serious outbreak.
“I’ll advise that people take the virus seriously; it’s no respecter of anyone. It is here and causing devastation and a simple answer to having isolation centre is no, so it should be taken seriously or we perish,” he concluded.

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