Bayport Savings and Loans rewards 10 teachers

Bayport Savings and Loans rewards 10 teachers

Bayport Savings and Loans has rewarded 10 teachers for using innovative ways to teach in their various schools. The teachers were drawn from some schools across the country.

The Bayport Teacher Innovation Competition is an initiative from Bayport Savings and Loans, in collaboration with Reach for Change.

The competition seeks to reward teachers with innovative ideas and initiatives in teaching which can improve learning in Literacy, Numeracy or STEM for children.

Since the inception of the competition in 2015, Bayport and Reach for Change have provided 15 exceptional teachers with financial support, advice, coaching and training to help develop and scale their ideas.

The 2018 edition of the competition kicked off early this year and over 200 entries were received from all the ten regions in Ghana. The competition was open to all public-school teachers from basic to secondary level. 24 applicants were shortlisted.

to next stage which involved pitching their ideas and going through series of trainings through the incubator stage.
Today, Bayport rewards 10 exceptional teachers for the quality and creativity of ideas they pitched.

The 10 finalists have simple but outstanding teaching methods in their areas of expertise and such innovation is essential to the transformation of our educational system here in Ghana and critical to the development of our children and youth.
After a round of pitching to the Jury, where each teacher was given the opportunity to present their innovative teaching methods that impacts on learning for their respective students, 10 of the best innovative ideas were selected as winners for the 2018 Bayport Teacher Innovation Competition. After which the best 3 were selected as the 3 Most Innovative Teachers for 2018.
Bayport spent a collective amount of 50,000 Ghana Cedis as rewards for these exceptional teachers. All 10 winners of the Bayport Teacher Innovation Competition won a cash prize of 1,000 cedis each. The 3 Most Innovative Teachers also won for themselves a brand-new Laptop each.

The 24 applicants who were shortlisted were also not left behind as Bayport rewarded them with Bayport Souvenirs worth 500.00 Ghana Cedis each and were also awarded with a Certificate of Participation.

Rewarding these teachers and putting smiles on their faces is proof that Bayport Savings & Loans social projects are ensuring that we grow with our communities.

Bayport Savings and Loans has fast grown to become one of the biggest Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana offering financial solutions that suits varied needs ranging from credit, deposits, investments and insurance.

As part of Bayport’s vision to grow with our community, Bayport has instituted several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that impacts on customers and our communities. The Bayport Teacher Innovation Competition is one of such impactful projects.

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