‘‘We Were Not Notified by any Authority On The Ongoing Road Works at Bogobiri’’ – ACFO 1 Henry Giwa

The Ashanti Regional Fire Commander of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has hinted that the authorities did not notify his outfit in the municipality about the ongoing road works at Bogobiri.

On Sunday 5th June, sad news hit the Obuasi Municipality as the only Fire Tender serving over three districts was involved in an accident on the Kamaradeen Road. The Ghana National Fire Service received a distress call from Obuasi Kyekyewere about a fire outbreak and the Obuasi Municipal Fire Command was attending to it as duty demands but was involved in an accident.

Eyewitnesses say that the vehicle veered off the main road as the driver was swerving as the main road was blocked for ongoing road works.

The Ashanti Regional Fire Commander, ACFO 1 Henry Giwa, said the accident happened as a result of his outfit not being informed about the works on that stretch.

‘‘We were not notified by any authority about the work being done on the road. If we had been notified, we wouldn’t have used that stretch in the first place. Our outfit is an emergency response outfit that uses our roads. And so, what happens is that anytime there are road works on our roads, we are given notices of them so as to plan on the roads we would use in case of any fire emergency. That was not the case here,’’ he said.

He appealed to all authorities involved to do so to help save lives and properties.

The Obuasi Municipal Director of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Mr. Bismark Akowuah also expressed his displeasure about his outfit also not being informed about the bridge construction on the Bogobiri stretch of Mangoase – Kunka Junction Road.

‘‘I was not aware of the construction at Bogobiri. I only saw it when I used that stretch some time ago. I don’t want to apportion blame but constructions of this nature are sent to various governmental institutions in the municipality for security and safety reasons.’’

He made this known on ASEDA FM in Obuasi.

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