Mile 9 Kindergarten Pupils Study Under Trees.

Pupils of Mile 9 Kindergarten District Assembly School, in the Amansie Central District of the Ashanti Region, have been studying under a tree after a heavy storm on Monday that brought down their wooden structure classroom.

Teachers and community members had no option than to teach the kids under trees since there was no sign of help coming from the District Assembly.

Assembly Member

Mr. Simon Kwadwo Antwi, the Assembly Member for the electoral when reached on phone had this to say about the state of the school;

“I have done all what I can to make the Assembly come to our aid but it seems, they see no need in coming to help”, he said.

According to him, he fears for the safety of the poor children but only pray nothing unfortunate happens to them under their under tree classroom.

Mr. Kwadwo Antwi has also promised to talk to some private partners to come and help the community rebuild the kindergarten block.

Amansie Central District Assembly

The Amansie Central District which is headed by Mr. Emmanuel Dede Appiah, is one of the poorest in the Ashanti Region and have been one of the few Districts in the Region which have appeared several times in the 2014 Auditor General report for financial irregularities.

All efforts made by Obuasitoday.com to reach the District Chief Executive, Mr. Emmanuel Dede Appiah to comment on the current state of the Mile 9 Kindergarten School have proved futile.


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